Shows Confirmed
The Czech and Slovakia shows mentioned a few days ago are now officially confirmed.

There's a new blog posted to, this time by drum tech Lorne Wheaton who give some insight into the backstage crew.

Undercover has a review of the Melbourne show.

Hellbound have a review and pics from the recent Blue Coupe show in Hamilton, ONT.
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Behind The Scenes
Sony have added a video of 'behind the scenes' footage shot during the making of their new advert.

Alice appeared at the 'Aria Hall Of Fame' event in Melbourne last night and Live News has a report on Alice's comments.

The Canberra Times has a show review in their latest, with a short  version online.
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Bird Talk
A few days ago I posted a link to a silly story about a baby kestral who's markings look vaguely like Alice's make up. Well, appears Alice has seen the story as well and has commented on it: "First 'The Crow' stole my makeup, and now this kestrel has done it. This madness has got to stop, or I'm going to send my army of lawyers with everything they've got to go up against this bird. The bird has been trying to get a part in the show and will try anything to generate attention and get into our production.... the only one who wants him in the show is the snake."

TheAge has a short interview with Alice.

This weeks Roxie 77 song is entitled 'Way To Nowhere' and you can grab it now by going to and following the link. While you're listing, you could also check out part two of the Greek Alice fan clubs interview with Roxie himself.
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Brisbane Pics
New photos have appeared from the Australian shows at LifeMusicMedia, Zinbino (keep clicking next and they have loads of AC pics from various events) and PicApp.
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Alice And Slash
While we knew that it was likely Alice would appear on the forthcoming Slash solo album, Undercover report that he has also co-written a couple of songs for the project as well.

Alice was on Rove Daily in Australia and a couple of segments are available to watch online at YouTube.
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Small Press
New articles today include Australian Stage,, Undercover, 3News, and  The Herald, although none really say anything we haven`t seen already in the last couple of days.
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More Shows is listing the following dates in Europe.
November 18th - Kocise, Slovakia - Cassosport Hall
November 19th - Bratislava, Slovakia - Pasiersky Sports Hall
November 20th - Plzen, Czech Republic - CEZ Arena
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Sony Ad Online
You can now check out the new Sony advert, featuring Alice, online here. There's also a small article about it at

You can see video of Alice on "Today" in Australia here.

More press about the banned Finnish show can be seen at Undercover, TicketNews,

There's a short artcle on Alice at the Reaganite Republican.
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Aussie Press
Sorry that this is a little late but Alice appeared on the 7PM Project, a light-hearted news and current affairs show, today in Australia. Luckily you can see it online here.
(Thanks to numerous people who sent this one in!)

Australian Stage has a show review.

Keri Kelli is offering the chance to get one-on-one guitar lessons throughout the current tour. You can get all the details at Keri fans should also check out the new album by 'Penny Lane' which Keri played on, produced and mixed.
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More Media
More coverage of the banned Finnish show today, although obviously most say the same thing. You can check out the New York Post, 3News, Christian Pop Culture Examiner, and We Will Rock You.

Alice has been turning up in the Australian media. He was on 'Today Tonight' (watch here) yesterday and WSFM this morning.
(Thanks Ross)
Alice will be appearing at Rove (Australian talk show) this sunday 23rd August at 8.30pm.
(Thanks Wei)

The Pinellas County Examiner has a short AC article about the Clearwater show.

Marketing News has a little more info about the Sony advert Alice recently filmed, which starts airing in the UK this Friday. Quote: "Cooper is shown in the ad explaining why trading in a TV is preferable to throwing it out of a window, a practice traditionally associated with rock stars." Sky News also has the news with a different pic.

LiveGuide has some photos from the Wollongong show, more will appear on soon.
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Banned Show Relocated
The banned December 11th show in Tampere, Finland has now been relocated to the Barona Arena, in Espoo, a suburb of Helsinki. As this is around 110 miles from the original venue residents of Tampere will be offered a discount on tickets "in recognition of the great distance they must travel to catch the show."

From the official press release:
"While critics and fans, clearly, have no problem with Alice’s over-the-top spectacle, a venue operator in Tampere, Finland has put the kibosh on Alice’s scheduled performance at Tampere Arena originally set for December 11. After a legal contract was consummated with Kalle Keskinen of Speed Promotion, a local concert promoter, Alice’s management were informed that the organization that owns and operates the facility, which typically hosts hockey games, is based on “Christian values” and will not permit performances which may be construed as insulting to Christianity, spelled out as follows: “Performances including representation of false gods, demons, evilness and forces of darkness and all these kind of symbols, words or markings are highly prohibited. These rules are valid also in all of the advertisement and material related to the concert. Breaking this rule causes immediate cancellation of the contract, and a 100,000 € penalty fee.”

Harri Wiherkoski, managing director of Tampere Areena Oy (Tampere Arena Limited) noted, "Artists who express suspicious values from Christianity's point of view cannot be allowed to perform at the venue." He told a Finnish reporter "We don't arrange concerts where Satanism or non-god-worshipping occurs."

Cooper’s management and the concert’s promoters have been forced to relocate the show to Barona Arena in Espoo, a western suburb of Helsinki, 110 miles south of Tampere. Residents of Tampere will be offered a discount on tickets in recognition of the great distance they must travel to catch the show. Management for Alice issued the following statement:

“We hope fans from Tampere denied access to these ‘suspicious values’ can come to Helsinki and make their own judgment. What’s really ‘suspicious’ to us is the act of judging something that one has never seen, heard or, otherwise, experienced. There’s nothing like an open mind and, clearly, Mr. Wiherkoski has nothing like one.”
When he was asked to comment on the Tampere imbroglio, Alice Cooper turned the other cheek."

There's been a few articles about the banned Finnish show. YLE, Digital Spy, Star Pulse, Metal Underground all have short stories.

In Other News:

The New Zealand Herald has a short interview with Alice. Yahoo in New Zealand also have a version.

The Greek Alice Cooper Fan Club have posted the first part of a new interview with Ryan Roxie. Part two should follow at the end of the week.

Dick Wagner's official site has had a face lift with some new stuff to check out.

The Illawarra Mercury has a small story about a fan going to the Australian shows.

Tampa Bay Newspapers has a short piece about the Clearwater show.

The New York Post has a story entitled "Cute Chick Saved From Gang Attack", and it is kinda Alice related!
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New US Shows On Sale Today
September 30th - Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC
2nd October - Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
3rd October - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, Pompano Beach, FL
4th October - Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Meyers, FL
5th October - Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, FL
7th October - Montgomery Performing Arts Center, Montgomery, AL
11th October - Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston, TX
All the above go on sale at 10AM today on
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New Show - Durham, NC
Alice will be playing at the Durham, NC, Performing Arts Center on September 30th.
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Tempere Canceled?
Reports are coming in that the 11th December show in Tempare, Finland has been cancelled on, wait for it, religious grounds! This is confirmed by Alice's management.
As I don't speak Finnish I'll share Sickthing Jari's email report:
"Just thought you wanted to know that today we are havin' a small  "scandal" here in Finland about Alice's gig in Tampere. There has been speculation why the show is cancelled but the latest (and probably correct) news says that the president of Tampere Areena (gig venue) has cancelled the rent deal of the place appealing to "christian values" of the company (who rent the place). So they're saying Alice's show includes things that represent suspicious values in comparison to their christian values...
The promotor is trying to find a new place for the show... maybe in  Espoo."
(Thanks Jari)

Suck The MovieYou can check out the trailer for "Suck: The Movie" which features Alice and Calico at the movie's official site.

According to VIP ticket holders  for each show will be entered into a lottery and the winner gets to join Alice on stage at the end of the show.

MyNC has a short Alice article.

'Nights With Alice Cooper' now has a Twitter page. This one is genuine.

There's a small golf story at the Argus Leader.
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Small Stuff
There's a new Blog posted at talking about preparations for the new tour.

More show reviews have appeared at MLive and Bradosphere, both with a pic.

NotSoPerfect's posted some pics from the shows in Wausau and South Bend.
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New European And US Shows
October 17th - Peppermill Concert Hall in West Wendover, NV

December 11th - Tampere Arena in Tampere, Finland
December 12th - Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland
December 14th - Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, Sweden
December 15th - Bombardier Arena in Västerås, Sweden
Tickets On Sale now at
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New Show - Montgomery, AL
Alice will be playing Montgomery, AL at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre on October 7th. Tickets go on sale Friday.
(Thanks Jumping Jack)

According to MLive, while in Jackson, Alice apparently taped a commercial for Sony, which will be aired in the UK.

FearNet and AZCentral and AllAccessMusic all have short articles about the new tour.

Nutwood Junction has a review from the Morris Center show including pics.

TravellersInTime have a new interview with Joe Bouchard of BDS/Blue Coupe/BOC.
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More Press
The Progress has a cute story about a local lady who was called in to fix Alice's pants last week.

Quad City Times has a excellent review of the Mississippi Valley Fair show yesterday. Back To Rockville, KC Confidential also have reviews.

Dennis Dunaway will be sitting in with Frankenstein 3000 for the Love & Rockets release party at Ben Sherman's in SOHO, NYC on August 18th. He then follows this up by appearing with Jimmy Kunes in New Jersey on August 29th followed by Manchester, CT  on September 5th and Stamford, CT  on September 6th.
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New Show - Daytona Beach
Alice will be playing the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach on October 5th.
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Yet More Press has a rave review of Friday's show. has a short interview and cool photo.

Wausau Daily Herald has posted some pics from the Wisconsin show.

According to MetalUnderground Alice has announced they'll be filming one of the 'Theatre Of Death' shows for a DVD release.
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New US Shows
Ticketmaster has two new shows up. They are:
October 9th 2009 - Marksville, LA - Paragon Casino Resort
October 31st 2009 - Valley Center, CA - Harrah's Rincon Casino - Open Sky Theater
Tickets go on sale 14th August at 10am for CA and 15th for LA. Watch for their pre-sale announcement.
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New Press
New interviews with Alice have appeared at The Age.auSouth Bend Tribune, Quad City Times, and Kansas City Star.

Wausau Daily Herald has a short review of the Wisconsin show.
(Thanks DA)

The Progress has a review of the Clearfield show.

TerryNYC has sent in some excellent pics from the Ohio shows which you can find now in the STUK photo section.
(Thanks Terry)

Alice is listed as attending the Wendy's Charity Classic pro-am in Jackson, MI on monday, playing golf at the 'Country Club of Jackson'.

This week's new Roxie77 song is 'Gimme Some Groove' and you can listen below or go to and follow the link from there to the rest of the new Roxie album 'Two Sides To Every Story'. Roxie also now has a Twitter feed which can be found at

Gimme Some Groove (Song of the Week!) by Roxie 77
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Richmond, VA
According to Alice will be at The National in Richmond, VA on September 29th. Tickets on sale now at
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More Small Stuff
SuckTwitchFilm has some new info about the forthcoming horror comedy 'Suck' which features Alice and Calico. They also have a photo of the Coopers on the film set. The film will have its World Premiere as part of the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

Gant Daily has a report on the Clearfield show with pics. has a short article about Alice.

The 13th Annual Alice Cooper Pro AM Golf Tournament is on schedule for Saturday, November 7th. This years event will be held at Los Caballeros Golf Club in Wickenburg, Arizona.
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Small Stuff has a cool photo of Alice, Damon and Keri from a recent show.

Jordan's Croft has a brief review of the Horseshoe show.

Keri Kelli guests on the new album by christian rockers Liberty n' Justice's entitled "Light It Up".

The Lippard Blog has an article about the Amazing Randi, and it includes some Alice references.
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New Tour Begins
The Theatre Of Death tour has now officially started (after a invitation only dress rehearsal on Thursday) and you can see the setlist in the setlists section if you want to know.
Hunter has posted some great photos here.

The Toledo Blade has a short Alice article here. Paramus Post has one as well.  Adalaide Now has an interview with Alice,  and Radio New Zealand has an audio Interview with Alice here.

Blue Coupe (feat. Dennis Dunaway) now have a MySpace page which lists the following shows:
21st August - Clayton Opera House, Clayton, NY
22nd August - This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton, Ontario
23rd August - The Emdale, Ottawa, Ontario
25th August - The Cadillac Ranch, Toronto, Ontario
30th October - Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
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