Dolly And Gaiman
It has been brought to my attention that an all new [link=]Alice Cooper Confessional has ben launched over at all ready for you to confess all your guilty Alice related secrets and receive absolution (or not!).

[link=]Neil Gaiman (co-writer of The Last Temptation) will be appearing around the UK to sign copies of his new book 'Anansi Boys' and probably anything else you'd like to put in front of him like those TLT comics or the album.
Dates so far are:
Nov. 5th: 11.00am: Ottakar’s, The Royal Arcade, Norwich - Signing
Nov. 5th: 6.30pm: Waterstone’s, St Margaret’s Street, Canterbury - Talk and signing
Nov. 8th: 7.00pm: Event at Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London - Lenny Henry interviews Neil Gaiman
Nov. 9th: 1.00pm: Borders, Buchanan Street, Glasgow - Signing
Nov. 9th: 6.30pm: Waterstone’s, West End, Princes Street, Edinburgh - Talk and signing
Nov. 10th: 1.00pm: Forbidden Planet, Grainger Street, Newcastle - Signing
Nov. 10th: 7.00pm: Waterstone’s, Deansgate, Manchester - Talk and signing
Nov. 11th: 1.00pm: Forbidden Planet, Priory Queensway, Birmingham - Signing
Nov. 11th: 6.30pm: Borders, Magdalen Street, Oxford - Talk and signing
Nov. 12th: 10.00am: Forbidden Planet, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London - Signing
Nov. 12th: 4.30pm: Ottakar’s, Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes - Signing
Nov. 14th: 12.30pm: Waterstone’s, Union Galleries, Bristol - Signing
Nov. 14th: 6.30pm: Waterstone’s, Milson Street, Bath - Talk and signing
(Thanks Mike)
Posted on 29 Sep 2005 by Si
DDP Live
The Dennis Dunaway Project will perform a sneak-preview of songs from their new recording session, plus select Alice Cooper classics, at The Katrina Relief Fund Benefit at the Baker Theater in Dover, New Jersey on October 1st. Other bands donating their time and talents are Masterburner, the Dead Elvi, as well as several other accomplished bands. Details can be found [link=]here.

[link=] has a new interview today leading up to the Florida shows this week.

"Killer" is listed in 'Stuff' Magazines Aug issue number 15 in the top 20 most awesome album covers of all time.
(Thanks Jason)
Posted on 28 Sep 2005 by Si
Another Sony Compilation
Released tomorrow is yet another compilation of Sony era material entitled 'Legends' being released by BMG in Europe.
Track listing this time is:
Disc 1: Poison / Spark In The Dark / House Of Fire / Only My Heart Talkin' / Bed Of Nails / Fire / Hell Is Living Without You / Might As Well Be On Mars / Feed My Frankenstein / Hurricane Years / Little By Little / Die For You
Disc 2: Hey Stoopid / Love's A Loaded Gun / Snakebite / Burning Our Bed / Dangerous Tonight / Wind-Up Toy / Sideshow / Lost In America / You're My Temptation / Stolen Prayer / It's Me / Cleansed By FireDisc 3: School's Out (Live) / I'm Eighteen (Live) / Sick Things (Live) / Billion Dollar Babies / Go To Hell / Only Women Bleed (Live) / Under My Wheels (Live) / Spark In The Dark (Live) / Poison (Live) / Hey Stoopid (Single Version) / No More Mr. Nice Guy
You can order now from both [link=]AmazonUK and [link=]AmazonUS

The official site at [link=] has had a face lift with a few improvments.

This weeks non-story from [link=]ContactMusic relates to how Alice has hired a Paris Hilton lookalike for the current show. Wonder if Calico knows, having played the part for a couple of months already,as well as other roles in the show. Still, no such thing as bad publicity...

French Rock magazine 'Crossroads' has a 2 page piece on Alice Cooper right now and there's also a 4 page interview and 1 page concert review (Paris / Olympia) in the September issue of '[link=]Rockhard'.
(Thanks Patrick)
Posted on 25 Sep 2005 by Si
Small Items
[link=,0,3445060.story?coll=sfla-features-showtime]South Florida Sun Sentinal have an Alice Cooper interview online today.

[link=]Electrovoice also has a short new article about Damon Johnson and Alice with photos.
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 23 Sep 2005 by Si
Calico Cooper Horror Film Available Now (and more)
Press Release:
That's right folks the wait is over but there's a catch. It's currently only VHS (NTSC) copies of 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' that are available until further notice. If you've been dying to see Calico Cooper do some brain bashing, and there's more where that came in this blood drenched anthology, along with the new Ryan Roxie song 'Psycho Fighter' exclusive to the film, then order your VHS copy today for $20.00 (shipping inc) by emailing []
**Be warned this film contains explicit Gore and is Alice approved!**

Also: [link=]KNAC have posted a long interview with Alice on their site.

As previously forewarned Alice Cooper appeared on 'Extra' this evening in a short interview a version of which can be found online at [link=]their site. This is slightly different to the actual TV version which can be downlaoded [link=]here.
(Thanks Jeff, Devon)

[link=]The Norwich Bulletin has a short story about Bouchard Dunaway and Smiths forthcoming appearance in Danielson, CT on September 24th.
Posted on 23 Sep 2005 by Si
New Michael Bruce CD and More Photos
Friday September 16th marks the release of a new Michael Bruce album authorized for release in Iceland in a limited edition of 200 copies in De-luxe Digipak.
"The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce - Alive & Re-Cooperated" is Michael Bruce´s first official release in years (although exclusive only to Iceland at this time) and features 17 songs recorded in Iceland 2002 -2003.
The 74 min long CD includes new studio recordings as well as previously unheard live recordings of Michael Bruce & his Icelandic band performing songs from throughout his career from Alice Cooper to Battle Axe to his solo years. All the recordings were recorded professionally on 24-track and mixed by Ingo & Silli Geirdal. Full track listing is below and order info will be posted later this week. The De-luxe digipak includes artwork of Michael Bruce by Ingo, band photos and exclusive liner notes by Dennis Dunaway.

Track list:
Live In Iceland 2002:
(Recordings from MB´s shows at "Sjallinn" Akureyri 25/10/02 & "Gaukurinn" Reykjavik 31/10/02)
Under My Wheels / No More Mr Nice Guy / Is It My Body? / Left For Dead Meat / Second Coming / Desperado / Hard Hearted Alice / Rock Rolls On / Halo Of Flies / I Miss You / I'm Eighteen / My Stars / Billion Dollar Babies / Schools's Out
Bonus Studio Tracks 2003
Muscle Of Love / Forever Eighteen / Rhapsody For G.B.(a studio recording of Ingo´s guitar solo which he
performed at the GBMW lll)

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Ingo & Silli Geirdal
Liner Notes by Dennis Dunaway

Also: [link=]Revelationz has a review of the Skanderborg festival show with some excellent pics.

[link=]Daisy Kittyton Has posted some good photos of the Cincinnati show.

And lastly there`s a few words from Alice at the [link=]New Times Site.
Posted on 22 Sep 2005 by Si
Singer and Friends in IN
[link=]Blabbermouth is reporting that Eric Singer and friends (basically Alice's band Roxie, Johnson and Garric) will be taking part in two benefit shows in Indianapolis, Indiana in mid-October during a space in the tour Schedule.
The first show is for all ages and will take place Friday, October 14 from 7 p.m. until midnight (or later) at the Holiday Inn (5120 Victory Dr.) on the southeast side of Indianapolis. All bandmembers will be available for autographs and photos. Tickets for this show are $20.00. The second show will be for ages 21 and over and will take place Saturday, October 15 from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Birdy's Bar & Grill (2131 E. 71st St.) on the north side of Indianapolis. Tickets for this show are $15.00. Tickets for both shows will go on sale next week at [link=] or by calling 317-595-1108.

[link=]AZCentral reports that Alice Cooper is scheduled to officially launch GuitarMania on Friday at a public unveiling in downtown Phoenix.
More than 80 local and celebrity artists, including Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Nicks and the Gin Blossoms, have created art pieces using 10-foot-tall Fender Stratocasters for the project. The guitars will be on display at America West Arena and outside Bank One Ballpark from Friday through Sunday.

[link=]California Man has posted some cool pics of the Los Angeles show.
(Thanks Brenda)

[link=]Chris Walter has tons of photos posted from the last Xmas Pudding show and the last AliceGolf tournament.
Posted on 19 Sep 2005 by Si
Photos and DDP
[link=]GettyImage have posted some cool pics from the taping of the Late Late Show.
(Thanks Katrina)

...And [link=]Daily Celeb has posted pics from Alice's appearance of the Steve Jones show.

The Dennis Dunaway Project will now be appearing at The Baker Theatre, Dover, NJ on October 1st and Chiller Theatre, East Rutherford, NJ on October 29th in place of BDS. No reason has been given for the switch at this time.
Posted on 18 Sep 2005 by Si
Orlando, Nights, Whiskey and Shame
As mentioned some weeks ago the 3 disc DVD set of the old 70s show 'Orlando And Dawn' was released a couple of days ago. You can order from [link=]Amazon US, or [link=]AmazonUK as an import. Alice Cooper performed `I Never Cry` and `Give The Kid A Break` in August 1976 and this is listed as appearing on the DVDs although I can't confirm if the appearance is edited down or not yet.
(Thanks to Alan for reminder)

'Nights with Alice Cooper' next week will feature and interview with David Draiman from Disturbed on Tuesday and a repeat of the Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) interview on Thursday.

[link=]Contact Music continue to pull non-stories from various magazines. This one is from Maxim (US) about how Alice's grandmother put little whisky on the gums when he was a baby to help with for teething. Wow.

I don`t know why I still report this year after year but [link=,2933,169338,00.html]Fox News and a few other sources are reporting this years list of noninees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yet again while there are some worthy acts on the list many are just not worthy, or even 'rock and roll', especially in light of the continued snubs to some of the most important acts in rock and roll history, including Alice Cooper. According to Fox, acts on this years list include Miles Davis, Cat Stevens, Dave Clark Five, John Mellencamp, Blondie, the Sir Douglas Quintet, the J. Geils Band, the Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Grandmaster Flash, the Stooges and Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is about the 12th year Alice Cooper has been ignored.
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 17 Sep 2005 by Si
More US TV and That Late Late Show
Alice Cooper will be on the syndicated US entertainment tv show "[link=]Extra" sometime this coming week; probably between the dates of Sept. 21-23.

Also: You can now watch Alice's appearance on the Late Late Show yesterday in two flavours. Dial up users can click [link=]HERE for a small version while those on boardband can watch the show in three larger parts ([link=]Part 1, [link=]Part 2, [link=]Part 3), the last being the live performance.
(thanks Jeff, Jollyjon, Devon)

Also: Scott Ritz has kindly posted some cool shots from the Topeka show [link=]here.
Posted on 17 Sep 2005 by Si
Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour
The DVD version of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' is now available for preorder at [link=]AmazonUSA. See below for full details. Release date is still set for November 8th. No news of a AmazonUK link yet.
(Thanks Kathy)
Posted on 16 Sep 2005 by Si
Jonesy and Fergie
It was a busy day yesterday. First as reported below Alice appeared for an extended interview on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles, interviewed by Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones. I tried to record all three broadcasts of the show to put online but it seems it just wasn't meant to be. So if anyone has a copy let me know and we`ll try and sort something out.

Next up was Alice's appearance on "The Late Late Show". As that isn't shown in the UK I haven't seen that either yet, although I hope to be able to post something here later today or tomorrow for those who missed it. Alice and the band performed 'Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)', inclduing the stage theatrics and Calico, followed by a short interview which by all reports went well.

UPDATE: You can now see a lowres video of the appearance [link=]HERE.
(thanks Jeff, Jollyjon, Devon)
Posted on 16 Sep 2005 by Si
Alice on LA Radio
Alice will be on 'Jonesy's Jukebox' (Steve Jones, former Sex Pistol) show at 1 pm PDT on 103.1 FM in Los Angeles today, September 15! These shows are usually rebroadcast from 6-7pm same day, and the next morning at 6-7am. It's possible to listen live [link=]here.
(Thanks Brenda)
Posted on 15 Sep 2005 by Si
US TV Reminder
Just a reminder that Alice Cooper will be performing and chatting on The Craig Ferguson late night show tonight on CBS
Posted on 15 Sep 2005 by Si
More Small Stuff
Alice Cooper is featured in the October issue of [link=]Maxim magazine. He is featured in the celebrity adviser section (page 78) which has 10 random people asking Alice a question and Mr cooper answering them with some... interesting answers. He answers questions about everything from "dealing with the in-laws" to "a dog that just won't stop humping peoples leg". At present the article doesn't seem to be available online.
(Thanks Robert)

The [link=]Washington Post has a review of 'Dirty Diamonds' as does [link=]Splurd, and [link=]Krill.

[link=]King Concerts has a review of the Loveland show.

[link=]LiveDaily also has a short tour news report.
Posted on 14 Sep 2005 by Si
Small Items
A quiet day today but I'll round up a couple of things that have come in.

As most people know by now Eric Singer has been taking a few days off from the Alice Cooper tour to help out Ki$$ in their hour of (financial) need. This has meant the last three shows have featured the welcome return of Tommy Clufetos to the drum stool. Tommy of course played on the 2004 tour and is the drummer on 'Dirty Diamonds' (despite not being pictured on the sleeve!!) and has spent most of this year touring with Rob Zombie. Eric Singer will be back on the tour, possibly already, and despite reports in Classic Rock last month to the contrary is scheduled to be on the UK dates in November.

Also: [] have a new interview with Alice Cooper bassist (and king of the sideburns) Chuck Garric for anyone who speaks German.

[link=]ClassicRockRevisited have a review of the Kansas City Show.
(Thanks Dan)

Also: Check out some low res [link=
]video footage of Eric Dover and Sextus live at Fais Do Do on September 09, 2005. It's in .mov format unfortunatly so you will need quicktime to view.
(Thanks Tami)
Posted on 14 Sep 2005 by Si
German Tour Dates (UPDATED)
As many will know Alice Cooper has mentioned a forthcoming tour of Germany with Deep Purple a couple of times in the last week. The following Alice Cooper/Deep Purple dates appeared this morning at [link=]Highway Star but are UNCONFIRMED* at this point:
February 6th Max Schmeling Halle, Berlin Germany
February 7th Ostseehalle, Kiel Germany
February 9th Arena, Nürnberg Germany
February 10th Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany
February 11th Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart Germany
February 12th Messehalle, Erfurt Germany
February 14th Arena, Trier Germany
February 15th Mittelhessen Arena, Wetzlar Germany
February 17th SAP Arena, Mannheim Germany
February 18th Olympiahalle, München Germany

*Since original posting this morning more info has appeared including venues. It appears Alice Cooper will "Very Special Guest" of Deep Purple playing a show slightly shorter but essentially the same as the current tour. Some tickets appear to be going on sale [link=]NOW.
Posted on 12 Sep 2005 by Si
Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour Details
[link=,8d5bffbda6d4ebfe58ababf52aa1b16c.html]Press Release:
Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper is one of the great lost rock films. The movie, which captures the original band lineup in themiddle of the legendary 1973 Billion Dollar Babies tour, has neverbefore been available on home video or DVD.

[link=]Shout! Factory is proud to present the original cut of the film (including skits featuring the band) which was given a very limited theatrical run-mostly at midnight screenings-in the mid-'70s. This is the early cut, predating the Holywood version. Now available for the first time since the theatrical release, Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper boasts a new high-definition film transfer as well as a new Surround Sound mix created from the 16-track master tapes, plus a multitude of extras, including movie-length commentary by Alice himself. "The film that out-grosses them all"-as it was originally billed-is back, looking and sounding better than ever.

Track List: Hello, Hooray / Billion Dollar Babies / Elected / I'm Eighteen / Raped And Freezin' / No More Mr. Nice Guy / My Stars / Unfinished Sweet / Sick Things / Dead Babies / I Love The Dead / School's Out / Under My Wheels / The Lady Is A Tramp (studio)

Special Features:
. Audio Commentary by Alice Cooper
. Anamorphic Widescreen & 5.1 Surround Sound
. "Play concert only" viewing option
. Original Theatrical Trailer and Radio Spots
. Deleted Scene and Outtakes
. Easter Eggs
. Poster Gallery with Original Promotional Material
. Band Biographies

Release Date: 8th November 2005
Amazon pre-order links to follow soon

Also: New reviews have appeared at [link=]Dead Rebel Society and
Posted on 12 Sep 2005 by Si
Xmas Pudding Updated
the [link=]Alice Cooper's Xmas Pudding site has been updated for this years show. The show of course was announced ages ago for December 17th. More details on who will perform this year will be added to the site soon.

[link=]Harp Magazine has a short article in their September/October issue.

And lastly [link=]Grand Junction Sentinal has todays big story. Alice visited a record shop!!! Wow!
Posted on 10 Sep 2005 by Si
New Roxie Podcast
Episode #4 of the Big Rawk Show is entitled 'Lost in America with Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick' and can be found at [link=]here. This show featuring special guest interview with Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick.

[link=]Blabbermouth has a short Alice quote about the current tour with Cheap Trick.

The [link=]Pueblo Chieftain has a review of the Pueblo show.
(thanks Chris)
Posted on 09 Sep 2005 by Si
Lots of Reviews
New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews at [link=]RockEyes, [link=]Bumpershot, [link=]HardRockHouse, [link=]LeoBeat and [link=]TokyoMinuteMen.
(Thanks Des)

[link=]RockRadio has a small article and audio file for members only.
Posted on 08 Sep 2005 by Si
Alice on Canadian Radio Now
Sorry for the late notice but Alice will be on [link=]92 Citi FM very soon (it's now 9:15pm UK). You can tune in live to their netfeed .

UPDATE: You can listen to the interview parts [link=]here
Posted on 08 Sep 2005 by Si
Horrorfest Posters
Update on the new movie '[link=]Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest'. The premiere will be held on Oct 13th at the Cooperstown in Phoenix at 8pm & 10pm pacific standard time. The Movie stars Calico Cooper and also features an exclusive track by Ryan Roxie. Also, there will be 11x17 Junkfood Horrorfest posters (see pic) available for sale, signed by Scarlet Fry, at the premiere. If anyone who cannot attend the premiere would like to obtain a signed poster from the filmakers directly they can by emailing [ Fry Poster] for $15.00 shipping included.

[link=]Rock N Roll Universe have a 'Dirty Diamonds' review.
Posted on 08 Sep 2005 by Si
Kansas News
[link=]Kansas City Star has a preview of tonights show in Topeka (free registration required). Also [link=]WIBW has a story in Hurricane refugees possibly heading to the Kansas Expocentre's Exhibition Hall where Alice is due to be playing. They say the show is scheduled to go ahead unless they get official confirmation that refuges are on their way.

[link=]Lawrence Journal-world has a short interview with Alice.

[link=]Outsideleft has a new 'Dirty Diamonds' review as does [link=]Blogcritics.
Posted on 07 Sep 2005 by Si
Jacksonville Show
Alice Cooper will play October 1st at the [link=]Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. Tickets are on sale Sept 9th although it's not listed on their site yet.
(Thanks MillerGer)

Also: [link=]The Topeka Capital-Journal has an article on Alice Cooper in the lead up to the Topeka show. You need to sign up (free) to see it unfortunatly.
(Thanks Ray)
Posted on 06 Sep 2005 by Si
Lots of Pics!
A few photos from the Cincinatti show have appeared [link=]here

Jim has posted some photos of BDS [link=,del%3as,1%3af,0]here

[link=]Metal Rules has a live review and photos. [link=]Colorado Springs Gazette has a show review.

[link=]Colorado State Collegian also has a small mention as does [link=]
Posted on 06 Sep 2005 by Si
Small Items
[link=]Kiss Revenge Express in Russia has an interview with Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric.
(Thanks Hunter)

New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have appeared at [link=]Horrorwood Babbleon and [link=
Posted on 05 Sep 2005 by Si
Pete has kindly posted a recording of the recent Rockline show show online for all to hear at his site at [link=] Click on 'media' and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Posted on 04 Sep 2005 by Si
Interview and Reviews
[link=]The Capital Times has a review of last nights Madison show.

[link=]Colorado Springs Hazette has a new interview with Alice.

Henry Rollins will be the guest in Wednesday's 'Nights With Alice Cooper'.

B.D.S. (featuring Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith along with Joe Bouchard) played BB Kings in NYC last night and were joined onstage by Joe's Brother Al Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult, Brain Surgeons) on cowbell, presumably for 'Don't Fear The Reaper'.
Posted on 03 Sep 2005 by Si
Alice on WKLM and Roxie on Podcast
Nights With Alice Cooper debuts on [link=]WKLM Milwaukee on September 6th and to promote this Alice Cooper will be on the station LIVE this saturday from 10am-midday with Marilyn Mee. The station has a netcast on their site.

[link=]Concert Blast have posted an mp3 interview with Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie recorded at the Chastain show. They also have some photos of the show on their site.

Hunter has posted some new photos from Holmdale and Atlanta, taken by Shell and Coopella, at the [link=]Sickthings2 site.
Posted on 02 Sep 2005 by Si
Friday News
[link=] have a feature about a new movie tracing the history of Heavy Metal which appears to include interview footage with Alice Cooper. The movie, called 'Metal: A Headbanger's Journey', premieres during Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14th. The film "offers a guided tour through metal's storied but largely ignored history. Drawing from interviews with the genre's godheads (e.g., Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Lemmy) and contemporary extremists (e.g., Lamb of God, Slipknot and some hilariously evil Norwegian black metal-makers), the movie succeeds as both an insightful exercise in cultural anthropology and an exhilarating tribute to rock's dark side. "

In other Movie news 'Good To See You Again Alice Cooper', the soon to be released on DVD movie of the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, will get a theatrical showing at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Screening Room, 701 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA on Friday September 30th at 7:30 pm & 9:15 pm. As far as I know this is the first time the movie has been seen on the big screen since it was orinally released over 30 years ago. More info [link=]here.

[link=] has a short article about the new album and show. (free registration required)

[link=]The Rockford Register Star have an article on Alice and his pants (just for AlienSpice!) and review of last nights Rockford show. There's also a VERY short review at [link=]WIFR.

[link=]LovelandFYI also has an article on Alice in the run up to the show there on Sunday.
Posted on 02 Sep 2005 by Si
Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour
As announced here about a month ago and first mentioned a year ago, both [link=]Rock Radio and [link=]Blabbermouth are now running what looks like a press release announcing the forthcoming 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD release. It appears it will now be titled "Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour" and will feature a new Interview with Alice as well as biographies of the original band and Theatrical Trailer. Both reports also mistakenly say *footage* from the movie was on the 'Billion Dollar Babies - Deluxe' CD release whereas of course it was only tracks from the films soundtrack.
I will add Amazon US and UK pre-order links as soon as they appear.

A couple of new 'Dirty Diamonds' Reviews have appeared at [link=]PonyOne and [link=]AllThingsMetal.
Posted on 01 Sep 2005 by Si
New Interviews and Reviews
[link=]Chart Attack has a short review/interview with Alice Cooper.

[link=]VH-1 are running some silly poll on who the biggest rock hellraisers are, and include Alice Cooper as an option. Not sure we if we want Alice to win this one or not but as they say, "no such thing as bad publicity", so if you want to vote for Alice click the link!

[link=]Denver Westworld has a short interview with Alice in the run up to his appearance at the State Fair in Colorado.

There's a short new 'Dirty Diamonds' review at [link=]
Posted on 01 Sep 2005 by Si
More US Shows
New shows have appeared:
October 27th in Portland, OR at Roseland Theatre
October 28th in Eugene, OR at [link=]McDonald Theatre- on sale Sept 10th
October 31st (Halloween!!) in Anaheim, CA at [link=]Grove of Anaheim - on sale Sept 8th
Fanfire have the usual packages for all three shows.

As expected it looks like the Biloxi show is canceled.
Posted on 01 Sep 2005 by Si
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