BC Show Announced
A new show has been announced for October 25th at [link=http://www.sunwavecentre.com/]The Sunwave Centre in Salmon Arm, BC. Normal priced tickets are on sale as well as Fanfire packages.
(Thanks Bruce)

The Alice Cooper Photo book by Wolfgang Heilemann first mentioned late last year is finally available. It's listed on [link=http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/3896026518/sickthingsuk-21]AmazonUK but they haven`t updated their page yet to show it as finally available. However you can order it direct in the UK [link=http://www.soundtrack-distribution.com/uk/music/alicecooper.html]here and the USA [link=http://www.soundtrack-distribution.com/us/music/alicecooper.html]here. I haven`t seen a copy yet but it looks very interesting with lots of rare pics. They accept Paypal and Credit Cards and claim to ship on payment.
(thanks Darren)

There's live reviews of the Syracuse show at [link=http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/poststandard/index.ssf?/base/entertainment-0/112547766642601.xml&coll=1]Syracuse Post Standard and [link=http://www.dailyorange.com/media/paper522/news/2005/08/31/Pulp/Cheap.Stage.Props.Fail.To.Save.Cooper.Show-972629.shtml]Daily Orange. Seems it rained rather hard at the outdoor venue.

AmazonUK are listing a double pack DVD of 'Brutally Live' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' for release on October 24th. You can pre-order it [link=http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000ATJYY4/sickthingsuk-21]here
Posted on 31 Aug 2005 by Si
More on Biloxi
Latest news indicates the Hard Rock Casino sustained 50-75% damage and will need to be completely rebuilt. Reportedly, the guitar out front, said to be the "worlds largest" still stands. The casinos sit on barges in the gulf. More than one now rests in downtown Biloxi. 285,000 without power. 80 dead. Most areas still "unreachable."
(Dwight Frye)

In other news:
New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have appeared at [link=http://www.markprindle.com/cooper.htm#dirty]MarkPrindle.com and [link=http://www.highbias.com/reviews/20050828_short1.html]HiBias.
And there's another short Golf article at [link=http://news10now.com/content/ny_state_fair/?ArID=48357&SecID=211]News10.
Posted on 30 Aug 2005 by Si
Biloxi Problems
Reports are reaching me that the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Biloxi, where Alice Cooper was scheduled to play on October 2nd, has been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina which is currently causing destruction in the area. According to a local news item the venue will be rebuilt next year. This obviously means that Alice's show will have to be rescheduled or canceled. More info if/when I get it.
(Thanks Dwight Fry)

[link=http://www.syracuse.com/living/poststandard/index.ssf?/base/living-0/112539114843610.xml&coll=1]Syracuse Post Standard has a short article today about Alice and golf.
Posted on 30 Aug 2005 by Si
US Concert Reviews
[link=http://www.carolinaconcerts.com/publish/article_219.shtml]Carolina Concerts has a review and pics of the Atlanta show (Thanks Benji) and [link=http://washingtontimes.com/entertainment/20050828-100445-6808r.htm]The Washington Times has a review of the Wolftrap show.
Posted on 29 Aug 2005 by Si
Sunday Stuff
[link=http://www.cinweekly.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050817/ENT03/508170310/1046]Cincinatti Weekley has a rather silly aricle comparing Alice to Jimmy Buffet and Hilary Duff.

[link=http://www.madison.com/wsj/home/features/index.php?ntid=52059&ntpid=2]Wisconsin State Journal has a short interview in the lead up to the Madison show.

[link=http://www.glam-metal.com/cd_reviews_2005-4.html]Glam-Metal.com has a 'Dirty Diamonds' review as does [link=http://www.insidepulse.com/article.php?contentid=40376&arv=1]Inside Pulse.
Posted on 28 Aug 2005 by Si
Saturday Morning
[link=http://www.greeleytrib.com/article/20050826/ENTERTAIN/108260073]The Greenley Tribune has a new interview with Alice Cooper. You have to register to see it but it's free.

There's a short 'Dirty Diamonds' review over at [link=http://www.vueweekly.com/articles/default.aspx?i=2531]VueWeekley
(Thanks Steve)

[link=http://www.pennspeak.com/gallery.shtml]Penns Peak have a few photos from the Jim Thorpe show online (thanks Mike) and [link=http://www.maxfm.fm/MAX_Pix/Alice_Cooper_at_Wolftrap/Alice/alice_6.htm]MaxFM have a few photos of their competition winners with Alice at the VA show.
Posted on 27 Aug 2005 by Si
Friday News
[link=http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050826/ENT/508260336/1031/ENT]Asbury Park Press have an few Alice quotes today. [link=http://www.denverpost.com/entertainment/ci_2970141]The Denver Post has an slightly longer interview.

[link=http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/2005/08/26/1189172-sun.html]Jam Music have an album review.

[link=http://www.billboard.com/bb/livereviews/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001020710]Billboard have a good review of the Detroit show online.
[link=http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2005-08-18/music_feature5.php]Now Toronto also has a review of the Toronto show.
(Thanks Des)

[link=http://www.crossover-agm.de/050715.htm]Crossover have a review (in German) and some small pics of the Friedburg Show
(Thanks Tomasz)

And it appears that as of last nights show in VA the Snake is back in the show!!
Posted on 26 Aug 2005 by Si
Small Items
A few small items today:

Kirstin has posted some photos of the Toronto show [link=http://kirstinsphotos.fotopic.net/c665314.html]here

Another review has appeared at [link=http://www.thatssometal.com/firingsquad/a/alicecooper.htm]That`s So Metal.

[link=http://www.coloradoan.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050825/ENTERTAINMENT/508260304/1040]The Coloradoan has a short interview with Alice and [link=http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/index.php?sty=46749]East Valley Tribune also has a short piece.
Posted on 25 Aug 2005 by Si
Erie, PA Show Added
Alice Cooper will be playing sunday 9th October in Erie, PA at the Warner Theater. Tickets on sale August 26th through Ticketmaster.
Posted on 24 Aug 2005 by Si
More Small Stuff
[link=http://www.nypress.com/18/34/news&columns/taylor.cfm]New York Press has a new interview with Alice.

A new review has appeared at [link=http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/reviews/Reviews%2005/acooperreview.htm]Classic Rick Revisited.
Posted on 24 Aug 2005 by Si
Small Items
Karen has posted a review and some pics of the Ohio show over at the [link=http://www.roxie77.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=303]Roxie77 board.

New 'Dirty Diamonds' review has appeared at the [link=http://www.calgarysun.com/perl-bin/niveau2.cgi?s=musique&p=98358.html&a=1]Calgary Sun
Posted on 24 Aug 2005 by Si
Texas Show
[link=http://www.panhandletickets.com/]Panhandletickets is listing a show in Amarillo, TX at the Civic Center Coliseum for September 12th. Tickets on sale now.

Rhino Records have released some Alice Cooper albums on iTunes, which include 'Easy Action' and 'Pretties For You'. £7.11 to download 'Easy Action' and £7.99 for 'Pretties for You'. Can obviously download individual tracks from both albums for 79p each. (or you can buy the real things through the STUK store haha )
(Thanks Tim)

[link=http://www.canada.com/national/nationalpost/news/newsletter/story.html?s_id=SkF9fhkDRY2Vs4tctZVz4f76t%2bnPnW4u5YcNPZADYYDTUQty0uWZyQ%3d%3d]Canada.com has a cool article on Alice to coincide with the Toronto show last night.
(Thanks Susie)

There's a 'Dirty Diamonds' Review at[link=http://popmatters.com/music/reviews/c/cooperalice-dirty.shtml]Pop Matters and a short AC quote at [link=http://www.metronews.ca/worksmart_news.asp?id=10346]Metro News in Canada.
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 23 Aug 2005 by Si
Indiana Show
Noblesville, IN [link=http://www.verizonwirelessmusiccenter.com]Verizon Wireless Music Center, October 13, 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10:00
(thanks DD25)
Posted on 22 Aug 2005 by Si
Alice Pitches For Tigers
Alice threw out the first pitch at the Tigers game yesterday in Detroit.

There's a new Neal Smith site at [link=http://www.Myspace.com/nealsmithrocks]MySpace. Its fan run but promises to keep fans updated with new of Neal, BDS and anything related.
Posted on 22 Aug 2005 by Si
Kids Stuff
Calico Cooper has been confirmed for role of “Ashley” in [link=http://mindsplintersfilms.com/]Mindsplinters Films up coming ghostly flick “The Visitor.” Mindsplinters is best known for '[link=http://woodlandhaunting.com/]The Woodland Haunting 2'.

Runaway Phoenix (featuring Dash Cooper) will be playing at the 'Frock and Roll For Charity' fashion show at Cooperstown, Phoenix on September 10th.

Todays 'Dirty Diamonds' Review: [link=http://www.freep.com/entertainment/music/sjlede21e_20050821.htm]Detroit Free Press.
Posted on 21 Aug 2005 by Si
Total Rock Interview Part 2
[link=http://www.totalrock.com]Total Rock aired the second part of their extended Alice Cooper interview this evening and played 'The Saga of Jesse Jane' and 'Zombie Dance' from 'Dirty Diamonds' as well as 'Eighteen' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' from 'A Fistful Of Alice'. You can hear what Alice had to say about recording the new album and lots of other stuff [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/totalrock2.mp3]here (Dialups should download this one).
Posted on 20 Aug 2005 by Si
I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but as Droid has kindly supplied a cover scan and extra info I'll mention it again.
Issue #21 of Fireworks (Sept/Oct 2005) is out now! The magazine for melodic hard rock is packed with 92 pages and includes Alice Cooper on the cover with a interview. It's available for £4 plus £1 P&P. Paypal to: fireworks.mag@ntlworld.com.
Posted on 20 Aug 2005 by Si
US Tour Starts Today
[link=http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20050820/music_nm/alicecooper_dc_1]Yahoo News is running a Reuters news story about the start of the US tour tonight with some Alice quotes.

Don`t forget the second part of the [link=http://ww.totalrock.com]Total Rock interview is on tonight at around 8pm UK time (at least thats when the first part was last night).
Posted on 20 Aug 2005 by Si
Thursday News
[link=http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2005/082005/08182005/122298]Fredericksburg.com has a short article with Alice quotes relating to the forthcoming VA show next week.

Also at [link=http://www.realdetroitweekly.com/printer_308.shtml]Real Detroit Weekly there is a short interview.

New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have turned up at [link=http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=WSJ/MGArticle/WSJ_RelishArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031784509189]Journal Now and [link=http://www.straight.com/content.cfm?id=12286]Straight.com. There's also a video live report of the Monte Carlo show at [link=http://cultureetloisirs.france3.fr/musique/reportages/]cultureetloisirs.

A new 'Nights with Alice Cooper' demo is available to download at [link=http://www.unitedstations.com/usrnweb/pages/content/nightswithalicecooper/details.asp?format=FmtRock]United Stations
(Thanks Steven)
Posted on 18 Aug 2005 by Si
New E Card and Pics
[link=http://newwestrecords.com/alice/reviews/card.php]New West have posted an all new E-card for everyone to send to friends, enemies and anyone else with an email address! This time the track is 'Dirty Diamonds' itself and features lines from some of the great reviews the album has received.

Ingo Of Dimma (who supported Alice in Iceland) has posted some very cool pics of the Iceland show. Check them out [link=http://myndver.is/?i=24]here and also check out the Dimma pics [link=http://myndver.is/?i=26]here while you're at it!

Apparently 'Dirty Diamonds' has debuted at #97 on the Canadian Soundscan chart.
Posted on 17 Aug 2005 by Si
Alice Cooper will be on the '[link=http://www.cbs.com/latenight/latelate/]Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on September 15th. What I've seen suggests he will both perform and be interviewed this time. The show is on CBS Weeknights 12:35AM ET/PT

The new OFFICIAL release date for the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD in the USA is November 8th. This doesn't mean the UK date below is wrong but could suggest it will be delayed here to match the US date closer.

The song 'Dirty Diamonds' appears to have been released as a promo single in German as copies have started appearing on Ebay.

[link=http://www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=8108]Detroit Metro News has a short piece on Alice including mentiosn for the album and five 'little things' that annoy him.

Another 'Dirty Diamonds' review is up at [link=http://www.rhino.com/rzine/StoryKeeper.lasso?StoryID=528]Rhino.com

Reminder: Alice Cooper will be the guest on [link=http://www.rocklineradio.com/]Rockline TONIGHT. Rockline is a US radio show and can be heard on a variety of stations and netfeeds around the USA (8.30-10pm Pacific).
Posted on 17 Aug 2005 by Si
Tuesday Updates
A few things have appeared over the last 24 hours so here's a quick round up:

There's some pics and stuff about the Iceland show to be found at [link=http://www.mbl.is/mm/folk/frett.html?nid=1153477]mbl.is and [link=http://www.leit.is/thjonsla/go.aspx?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.visir.is%2f%3fPageID%3d90%26NewsID%3d50919]Visir.is (both in Icelandic). Also [link=http://www.icelandreview.com/icelandreview/daily_news/?cat_id=16539&ew_0_a_id=149551]Iceland Review has an article about Alice playing golf while in the country. He was also interviewed on Icelandic TV at least once.

Reviews from the last couple of days (courtesy of Des): [link=http://www.metal-invader.com/db/reviews-2232.html]Metal Invader, [link=http://www.dispatch.com/weekender/weekender.php?story=dispatch/2005/08/11/20050811-06700.html]Dispatch.com, [link=http://www.hellfire-pictures.com/Album%20Reviews.htm]Hellfire Pictures, and [link=http://www.saukvalley.com/entertainment/283981288727510.bsp]Sauk Valley.

May have mentioned this already but the forthcoming release in the UK of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD, the movie of the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, is now slated for September 12th, although this could well change of course.
Posted on 16 Aug 2005 by Si
Atlantic City Show
Ticketmaster are listing a new show in Atlantic City at the [link=http://www.hob.com/venues/clubvenues/atlanticcity/pr/]House Of Blues on October 8th. Presale tickets go on sale on August 16th and are $33 and $43.
Posted on 16 Aug 2005 by Si
Slow news day today so far. [link=http://www.billboard.com/bb/feature/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001014166]Billboard has a short interview with Alice to promote the soon to start US tour. And there's a very short album review at [link=http://pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/s_362764.html]Pittsburg Live.
Posted on 14 Aug 2005 by Si
Total Rock Interview
As previously announced [link=http://www.totalrock.com]TotalRock aired what is the first part of a two part extended interview with Alice Cooper this evening. It included about 20 minutes of Alice talking about his past plus 3 or 4 tracks from 'Dirty Diamonds'. Part two will air next saturday at presumably about the same time (8pm UK).
For those who missed part one you you can hear it [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/totalrock1.mp3]here (dialups are recommended to download it).
Posted on 14 Aug 2005 by Si
New Interview: Erik Scott
Check out a new exclusive interview for STUK with early 80s Alice Cooper band bassist, song-writer and producer [link=http://www.alicecoopertrivia.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/interviews/erikscott_aug_05.php]Erk Scott. Erik was kind enough to spend a lot of time answering questions, including those asked by members of the message board, providing some cool stories and insight into a period in Alice Cooper history that splits fans and is often ignored in biographies and other interviews. He chats about his early days with Flo And Eddie, his Alice Cooper years (at length), and his current project [link=http://www.soniadada.com]Sonia Dada. Big thanks to Erik for taking time to chat to me.

If you haven't already looked there are now several exclusive interviews archived here on STUK including chats with Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric, Tommy Clufetos, Eric Dover and Dick Wagner. Click [link=http://www.alicecoopertrivia.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/interviews/index.php]here for the interview archive.
Posted on 13 Aug 2005 by Si
Friday News
There's another review of the Montreux show appeared at [link=http://www.frequencerock.com/articles/view.php?id=503]Frequence Rock

[link=http://today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=musicNews&storyID=2005-08-11T211620Z_01_BAU176527_RTRIDST_0_MUSIC-COOPER-DC.XML]Billboard is reporting that 'Dirty Diamonds' has managed Alice's highest chart placing in the USA for 11 years! (other sources like [link=http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=40365] Blabbermouth and [link=http://www.antimusic.com/dayinrock/05/aug/12/28.shtml]AntiMusic are carrying the same report).

[link=http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/the_greatest/series.jhtml]VH-1 (US) will be airing "100 Greatest One Hit Wonders Mini-Marathon" on August 18th which is reported to feature new interview clips with Alice.

Today's reviews are at [link=http://www.metrotimes.com/guide/sonic/recordreview.asp?id=22083]Metro Times and [link=http://www.melodic.net/reviewsOne.asp?revnr=3471]Melodic.net

Cardiff CIA seem to be launch their own version of the VIP ticket package for Alice's show in November. You can see the details [link=http://www.getlive.co.uk/publishing/cms/staticfiles/123413_109.pdf]here (.pdf file).
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 12 Aug 2005 by Si
Magazines and Reviews
[link=http://www.stompandstammer.com/]Stomp And Stammer Magzine has an Alice Cooper front cover on their August issue and an interview feature article that can be seen online.

More Live photos today courtesy of [link=http://burningdownthe.net/flamester/flashed/gallery/alice-cooper-2005.html]Flamster. This time they're from the Gothenburg show last night.

[link=http://www.billboard.com/bb/charts/indie_albums.jsp]Billboard report that 'Dirty Diamonds' hit the US Independent chart at number 17.

New album reviews at [link=http://www.foundrymusic.com/bands/displayreview.cfm/id/1422/div/bands/department_id/10/page/DIRTY_DIAMONDS.html]Foundry Music, [link=http://www.stickman-radio.com/modules.php?name=Reviews&rop=showcontent&id=92]Stickman Radio and [link=http://www.chroniclejournal.com/story.shtml?id=28434]Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal.

A new review of one of the Eric Singer and Friends (Roxie, Garric and Johnson) Australian shows has appeared at [link=http://www.fracturedsounds.com/Features/ericsinger.htm]Fractured Sounds.
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 11 Aug 2005 by Si
Reviews and Photos
There's a new album review at [link=http://www.roughedge.com/cdreviews/c/alicecooper.htm]RoughEdge.

A live review of the Montreux show has appeared at [link=http://www.swissinfo.org/sfr/swissinfo.html?siteSect=108&sid=5938782]Swissinfo in French.

New photos of the Stockholm show at [link=http://www.sb.bostream.se/c6879/Alice_9_aug_2005/alice.html]Bostream and a short review (in Swedish) at [link=http://expressen.se/index.jsp?a=417856]Expressen.

The German Edition of Metal Hammer has a small Alice Cooper feature with a full page photo.

[link=http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1507312/20050810/hill_faith.jhtml?headlines=true]MTV.com have a small mention that 'Dirty Diamonds' hit the US charts at 169 having sold 6.700 copies in the first part week. A slight improvement over 'The Eyes Of Alice Cooper'.
(Thanks Des, Maria, François)
Posted on 10 Aug 2005 by Si
Missed these earlier so thanks to Des for spotting reviews at [link=http://www.zeromag.co.uk/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?
Screen=PROD&Product_Code=9999_cooperalice&Category_Code=albums&Product_Count=1]Zeromag, [link=http://www.digitalmetal.com/reviews.asp?cid=6733]DigitalMetal and [link=http://www.thenewsstar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050804/ENTERTAINMENT/508040353/1040]The Monroe News-Star
Posted on 10 Aug 2005 by Si
Monte Carlo or Bust
Alice Cooper guitarist [link=http://www.damonjohnson.com]Damon Johnson has posted a very cool review of the Monte Carlo show. As Alice hinself mentioned on the radio show the other night it sounds like one of those real "had to be there" shows!! Click the link below for the full report.

In other news there's a new interview with Eric Dover online at [link=http://www.sextus.com]Sextus.com with a few Alice Cooper mentions of course.
Read more • 0 Comments
Posted on 10 Aug 2005 by Si
Monday Morning
Its been a pretty quiet weekend as far as news goes but here's a couple of items.

Terje has put up some photos from the Oslo show [link=http://home.online.no/~tembla/pics/alice.htm]here. The setlist for the show is the same as the rest of the tour so still only two 'Dirty Diamonds' songs in the set. Hopefully more will be added for the US shows!

[link=http://www.smukfest.dk/]The Smukfest site for the Danish show now has a link to an offer where you can play golf with Alice or other Danish stars on August 12th. The link goes to a .pdf file.
Posted on 08 Aug 2005 by Si
New VH-1 Live Show
According to [link=http://www.thedailyjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050804/LIFESTYLE/508040321/1024]Live Journal Alice Cooper will be the subject of one episode of a new VH-1 show called 'Classic Decades Rock Live!'. The show appears to feature a classic band (the first show is The Doors) with guests performing with them with all the shows taking place at [link=http://www.trumptaj.com]Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ. No airdate has been set yet.
The series is the brainchild of music-industry veteran Barry Summers, the program's executive producer.
"I realized there's not a lot of live concerts on TV anymore, like the good, old-fashioned days of Don Kirschner's Rock Concert and Midnight Special," said Summers, referring to a couple of rock music programs of the pre-MTV era. "But my concept was to take the legends of rock 'n' roll, soul and R&B and team them up with some of today's hottest young artists who were influenced by classic rock. We wanted to do something different, something you couldn't find anywhere else. Anybody can shoot a band on tour."
The idea obviously struck a chord with the VH1 Classics folks.
"The first order is for 12 episodes, averaging about one new concert a month," said Summers. "They'll all be shot with seven cameras, in (high-definition) with Dolby 5.1 SurroundSound. Each will be a two-hour concert that will be edited down to one hour."
Posted on 06 Aug 2005 by Si
The Sharpest Pain And Other News
It has now been confirmed that the bonus track 'The Sharpest Pain' is included on the Australian release of 'Dirty Diamonds' although it isn't actually listed on the cover. It's track 14 but only 13 are listed on the cover. AmazonUS list an "import" version of the album but I've had no confirmation this is the Australian version yet.
(thanks Darren)

New reviews: [link=http://www.musictap.net/Reviews/CooperAliceDirtyDiamondsCD.htm]Music Tap, [link=http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:bq7m967o0epc]AllMusic, [link=http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?p_action=doc&p_docid=10BCDB03D352B760&p_docnum=2]Boston News and [link=http://www.behringer.com/04_ultranet/poweruser/pu_details.cfm?id=12&lang=ENG]Behringer.com.

As reported on the message board a few days ago the legendary Dick Wagner is moving to Phoenix and says on his [link=http://www.wagnermusic.com]website that he will be writing new material again with Alice Cooper when the current tour is over. Whether this will be for a new album, side project, or just testing the water is unknown but it certainly has some cool possibilities for the future!

The Current issue of [link=http://www.rue-morgue.com/]Rue Morgue Magazine (#48 August) has a tribute to the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album. Unfortunately the article isn`t online.
Posted on 06 Aug 2005 by Si
Small update
Reviews: [link=http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?BRD=1282&dept_id=553365&newsid=14984247&PAG=461&rfi=9]Zwire Daily News, [link=http://www.eonline.com/Reviews/Facts/Music/RevID/0,1107,3519,00.html]Eonline and [link=http://www.the-review.com/articles/PDF/C04.pdf]The Alliance Review (this last one is a PDF file).

Photos: Klam show pics up at [link=http://www.mostropolis.at/index.php?s=1001&id=647&PHPSESSID=a477ce5a97e5b103bc803b83297e0f13&menKa=&menZe=0&menSp=0]Mostroplis.at

TV: Alice will be on VH1 (US), 21:00, 11 August on "The Greatest: 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock."
Posted on 05 Aug 2005 by Si
Zero Magazine
There is an Alice Cooper track featured on the free CD with the current (first) issue of "[link=http://www.zeromag.co.uk/]Zero" magazine. There possibly may be some content in the magazine as well. Their website also has a competition to win copies of the album.
Posted on 04 Aug 2005 by Si
Haapsalu Preview
the [link=http://www.baltictimes.com/art.php?art_id=13182]Baltic Times has a cool preview of the forthcoming Haapsalu show including mentions that it is set in a castle courtyard (with ghost!).
Posted on 03 Aug 2005 by Si
Australian Video
Thanks to Nick I now have video of the two recent Australian Alice Cooper TV Appearances. Unfortunatly due to technical limitations this end the video captures aren't perfect, and added to that the length of the appearances means I had to compress the files more then I would normally like.. but at least these should be good enough for everyone to get an idea of what happened and hear what Alice had to say. certainly worth watching!!
The first show is "[link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/greatoutdoors.wmv]The Great Outdoors" in which Alice shows a presenter around Phoenix, including Cooperstown and The Diamondbacks ballpark. And the second is a long interview from "[link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/enoughrope.wmv]Enough Rope". This second one is rather smaller then the first simply because of the length of the clip so I appolgise for lack of quality.
As always dialup users are suggest to download rather then stream the video.
Posted on 03 Aug 2005 by Si
Wednesday Roundup
Two articles have appeared in the Norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten" in the run up to the Oslo show. [link=http://www.aftenposten.no/kul_und/musikk/article1089655.ece]The first one is about Alice, mostly about his lifestyle changes. [link=http://www.aftenposten.no/kul_und/musikk/article1089656.ece]The second is the journalist's ranking of the 5 best Alice Cooper albums ever. In Norwegian of course.
(Thanks Joar)

And also a sort review has appeared at [link=http://go.reuters.co.uk/newsArticle.jhtml?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=810776§ion=news&src=rss/uk/entertainmentNews]Billboard

Photos of the Friedburg show can be found [link=http://www.aliceontour.de/galerie0003/]here
(Thanks Steef)

VH-1 have a 'rate the album' poll going on for 'Dirty Diamonds' which can be found [link=http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/cooper_alice/949367/album.jhtml?_requestid=434804]here.

Update: Alice was French Channel 3 yesterday with a clip from the Monte Carlo gig showing him and Calico, plus an interview with Alice. Also in French news 'Dirty Diamonds' is no. 3 in the [link=http://www.fnac.com/Label/MeilleuresVentesMusiques.asp?NID=115746&RNID=%2D2&SID=5b5d8b5d%2De3dd%2Ddbf3%2Dd863%2D133b59e37fc2&Origin=FnacFR&OrderInSession=1&UID=08564ad8d%2De4c4%2D4b3e%2D4126%2D47bde79facf2&TTL=040820051354&SearchType=LABELSEARCH&LabelId=115746&SubjectId=28131&bl=actu]FNACmetal chart. FNAC is the french equivalent to Virgin Megastores and the like.
(thanks François)
Posted on 03 Aug 2005 by Si
DD Day in the USA!!
Yes, Today is 'Dirty Diamonds' Day in the US as the new album finally gets released there!!! And about time!! Any late comers can order the album through the links above!!

Also: There will be an Alice Cooper Special on [link=http://www.totalrock.com]Total Rock on August 13th at 20.00, UK time which you can hear on Sky Digital and online.

Alice Cooper is on the cover of the new issue of [link=http://www.rathole.com/fireworks/]Fireworks Magazine. This should be the Aug/Sept issue.
(Thanks Andy)

[link=http://music.channel.aol.com/songs/new_releases_full_cds/0801_alice_cooper.adp]AOL Music now have the whole album online for you to listen to (you haven`t bought it yet??).

More DDP (Dennis Dunaway Project) pics up [link=http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/siatras1/album?.dir=/4c64]here Courtesy of Jim!
Posted on 02 Aug 2005 by Si
Dennis Dunaway Project
Thanks to Jim who runs the [link=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BouchardDunawaySmith/]BDS mailing list for the following info about the debut DDP. show tonight:
The setlist was: Hello Hooray / I'm 18 / Man is a Beast / Fire Engine Girl / Me and My Boys / Big Apple Dreamin' / Billion $ Babies / School's Out. The none AC songs are all new DDP originals.
There are some photos available at the above link as well.

Also: More reviews can be found at [link=http://www.babysue.com/LMNOP-Reviews-August-05.html#anchor99105]BabySue, [link=http://www.metalglory.de/reviews.php?nr=2361]MetalGlory and [link=

Also: New pics at [link=http://www.kissfanclub.de/alice_cooper_show_fotos_1.htm]KissFanClib.de
Posted on 01 Aug 2005 by Si
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