Penrith Review and More UK Radio
[link=]Pyromusic have posted a review of the Penrith show which includes a few photos of the show.

"Dirty Diamonds" will be the 'Album Of The Week' from 4 July on BBC Radio Two on "[link=]The Ken Bruce Show"

UPDATE: Tomorrow's edition of The Sun UK newspaper (Friday, 29 June) will carry a 4/5 review for the new album 'Dirty Dlamonds'.

UPDATE: The June issue of "Now" magazine in the UK apparantly has 2 pages on Alice, one being a photo.

UPDATE: Alice will be interviewed on Channel 4's T4 at 12.30pm on Saturday, July 2nd
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Dirty Diamonds DVD?
[link=] Damon Johnson, currently on tour with Alice in Australia, has updated his page with news of the Eric Singer and Friends show.. and the BIG news that they will be filming the Swiss show for a possible DVD later this year! No official confirmation as yet and its probably a ways off but still something to look forward to!
Posted on 30 Jun 2005 by Si
Virgin Classic
More info on Virgin Radio Classic Rock, the station that began to broadcast the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show in the UK this week. The station is available on DAB (digital radio) in London, on SkyTV and []Online throughout the rest of the UK. The station will be available on DAB in other parts of the UK as new digital multiplexes become available.
Posted on 30 Jun 2005 by Si
Florida Show Added
September 29th - Clearwater, [link=]Ruth Eckerd Hall
Price: $37.50/42.50
Posted on 29 Jun 2005 by Si
Small Items
There's a small Alice article and pic in the radio section of the new Radio Times (UK) in relation to the upcoming Razor Cuts radio show airing on Virgin Radio on the 3rd July.

[link=] reports that The Stooges first two studio albums, 1969's 'The Stooges' and 1970's 'Fun House', will be reissued in special expanded editions with an introduction on 'The Stooges' penned by shock-rocker Alice Cooper. These are set for August 16th release through Rhino.
Posted on 29 Jun 2005 by Si
Albuquerque Tickets
Albuquerque tickets for the show on Sept 10th go on sale at 9 a.m. Mountain Standard time on Saturday, July 9 at ticketmaster, but ticket packages go on sale, June 29 at 10 a.m. via Fanfire.
(Thanks Brett)
Posted on 29 Jun 2005 by Si
Tuesday Roundup
A cool new article has appeared at the [link=]The American Chronicle that covers Alice's career with words from the man himself.

Ryan Roxie has submitted a song called 'Psycho Fighter' that will be included in the Horror anthology 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', Starring Calico Cooper. "The song will fit perfect in our movie" says the producers and will feature Chuck Garric & Tommy Clufetos from the Alice cooper band, as well as John Corabi (Motley Crue) on guitar. 'Junkfood Horrorfest' will be available on DVD later this year. Stay tuned for further info on this film as it happens. The premeire is scheduled for Oct 2005 In the Dungeon at Cooperstown in Phoenix! More info at [link=] but beware as it contains explicit gore!

[link=]KissKollector has a review of the Eric Singer and Friends show the other night. Calico joined the band to sing a few songs!! Also check out [link=]The Roxie77 Yahoo Group for another review and some pics.

There will be an Alice Cooper radio special on [link=]Kerrang! Radio from 9.00am to 12noon UK time on Sunday 17th July.
Posted on 28 Jun 2005 by Si
Swedish Golf Interview
Thanks to Maria for sending in a translation of the long [link=]Sweden Golf interview mentioned a couple of times below. Click on "full Story" to read.
Read more 0 Comments
Posted on 27 Jun 2005 by Si
Radio Alert
Late notice but Alice Cooper will be on the Steve Wright radio show on [link=]Radio 2 sometime in the next few hours. We only just found out so sorry for late notice. Steve Wright is the guy Alice presented that life time award to at the Sony awards a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: You can now listen to the interview [link=]Here
Posted on 27 Jun 2005 by Si
Another Review
Thanks to Monika at [link=] for pointing me to this review of the Enmore Theater show. A good one to counteract some of the rather confusing ones we've seen so far! No doubts that this reviewer enjoyed the show!
Posted on 27 Jun 2005 by Si
Show Review
[link=,5744,15736773%5E26117,00.html]The Australian have posted a show review.
Posted on 26 Jun 2005 by Si
Alice Special on French Radio
On Air NOW on French radio channel [link=]RTL is a two hour programme from 11pm-1am called "Saga" which is basically two hours of Alice Cooper!! You can listen online and the link above by selecting "Emissions" from the menu and the first option. They are playng 'Dirty Diamonds' tracks as well, but as my French is non-existant I couldn't tell you much about what the DJ's actually saying but they are interviewing Alice with dubbed French voiceover!! The site also has a lengthy article in French.
(thanks Patrick)
Posted on 25 Jun 2005 by Si
New Interview
[link=]FasterLouder in Australia have a new long interview up today with Alice.
(Thanks Des)

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine (UK) has a fullpage advert for 'Dirty Diamonds' on it's back page and a 7/10 review inside.
(Thanks Brian, Baz)

UK Radio: Stuart Maconie's Critical List on [link=]Radio 2, Saturday 9th July 2005 at 20:30 to 21:30
This is a series in which Stuart Maconie suggests albums that should be in the collection of every popular music aficionado. This week the spotlight is on Alice Cooper's album Billion Dollar Babies.
(thanks Steve)

A New station, 100.5 Max-FM, have just picked up the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show and are airing it from 7pm-midnight local time.
(thanks WickedLitleLady)

Next week on 'Nights with Alice Cooper' Alice continues to broardcast from Australia. On Wednesday he chats to Roger Glover (of Deep Purple) and on Thursday to Dan Ackroyd (repeat?)
Posted on 25 Jun 2005 by Si
Alice In Norway And Press Reports
[link=] have just listed a show in Oslo for August 4th at the Sentrum Scene. Tickets are on sale July 1st.
(thanks Terje)

As reported yesterday Alice`s radio show is coming to the UK on [link=]Virgin Classic Rock, which seems to be a digital and internet station. The show starts on June 27th and runs weeknights from 6pm-10pm.

[link=]The Sydney Morning Herald has a review of the Elmore Theater show including a cool pic of Alice onstage. Kind of a mixed review, with a few of the normal lazy journalistic errors ('Be My Frankenstein'??).

There is now a review, by me for what its worth, of the new 'Dirty Diamonds' album up in the reviews section. Lots of spoilers so don't read if you don't wanna know.

[link=]Gettyimage have some great photos up now from the Sydney show. You can see large versions by cliking on the thumbnails but they are watermarked. Just do a search for "Alice Cooper" and they'll come up.

Lastly: Alice's interview with Brian May on last nights radio show is now online at [link=]
Posted on 24 Jun 2005 by Si
Samples Online
[link=]Melodic have posted 1 minute samples of the first five tracks from 'Dirty Diamonds' the new Alice Cooper album due [link=]4th July in UK/Europe and [link=]August 2nd in North America.
(thanks Vain)

More Alice press in Australia. Both "The Age" and The Mercury" newspapers included coverage with photos on their front pages. The Mercury included a one page story.
(Thanks Martin)
Posted on 24 Jun 2005 by Si
Short Press Item
[link=]The Examiner in Tasmania has a short story relating to Alice's show there on July 1st. It's about a couple of fans who are hosting a look-a-like competition!

[link=] have an interview with Eric Singer today, based around the shows He and the band are doing without Alice. Mainly they ask about Kiss unfortuantly but it has a cool pic of Eric at the top of the page.

Setlist for last nights show was the same as Newcastle. See the forum for reports and the first report of a VIP package and what happens.

Update: The "Sweden Golf" magazine interview mentioned a while back is now online [link=]here. It's in a .PDF file so you`ll need to have the software to read it, and in Swedish obviously, but there are a few cool pics.
(thanks Maria)
Posted on 23 Jun 2005 by Si
Tuesday News
Big news today is that Virgin Radio in the UK have just announced that the "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio show will begin airing in the UK. No date has been announced yet for the first show but I'll post an update if I find out more. Read the short announcement [link=]here
In addition to that Alice to appear on Virgin radio at 8.00pm on 3rd July in a [link= ]Razor Cuts special

Also.. The transcript of the "Enough Rope" Australian TV show is now up on the [link=]Show website for all to read. I'm hoping to get video of this one soon and will try and post it here.

(Thanks to Stefan, Desley)
Posted on 22 Jun 2005 by Si
More Australian TV
Alice was on Australian TV this morning on Channel 9 early morning News show "Today". He gave a brief interview, which included a clip of Alice on stage.
(thanks Motorhead & Desley)
Posted on 22 Jun 2005 by Si
First Tour Review
The first tour review is up on the Forum. Thanks Chris! Don't look if you want to avoid spoilers, its packed with them!! Note: I kinda have a feeling that when the show hits Europe it will be slightly different. Hopefully more new tracks and I *believe* a couple of extra theatrics, but I`m only guessing so don't hang me!

Also: Small story at [link=,10221,15682535-10431,00.html]Entertainment about Alice's shopping trip the other day in Australia. Quote:
"Those who refer to Alice Cooper as a rock dinosaur would have had a chuckle had they seen him doing a spot of shopping at the weekend. When the 57-year-old rocker visited the Diesel store in Sydney's Paddington on Saturday with his 24-year-old daughter Calico, he was busily munching on a dinosaur-shaped donut the shop was giving away to customers during its "prehistoric sale". Alice was apparently about as far removed as could be from his trademark song No More Mr Nice Guy, one of the store's staff told Confidential yesterday. "You could tell he was a rocker," the salesgirl said. "But he was lovely ... a really nice guy."

Also: STUK is having a GARAGE SALE!! Yup, I'm having a clean out here and there's now a page in the store (link on left) with some stuff. 99% is NOT Alice Cooper related but as we have such a diverse crowd of fans coming here there maybe something of interest. LOTS more will be added. Money is going to the "Get STUK to Paris" Fund!!!
Posted on 21 Jun 2005 by Si
Quick Roundup
A few things are coming through today now that Alice is downunder and of course tonight is the first show of the tour!!

Firstly, Alice was on "Enough Rope" last night, the Australian TV show. Thanks to Nick for his timely report we know that he was on for about 30 minutes and it went very well! Keep an eye [link=]This site for a possible transcript of the show appearing in the near future.

[link=,10221,15670006-7484,00.html]Entertainment News(AUS) have a short news story and interview. Unfortunatly the call the album "Diamond Dogs"... Oh dear. We`re trying to get them to correct it. (Thanks Des)

Also last night Alice was on "The Great Outdoors", a travel show which this week featured Phoenix, AZ. Thanks to Murray for reporting "They showed a few short clips from Brutal Planet (Schools Out and Poison) and a short clip from WTMN (Department of Youth). The part of the story involving Alice was mainly filmed at Cooperstown and Bank One BallPark. The presenter referred to Alice as the godfather of Shock Rock and mentioned the fact that Alice has outlived a great many other artists. I felt for those people watching that only know the rumours about Alice would have enjoyed the segment.
They ended the segment by advertising Alice's Australian tour dates"

Ross has spotted a story in todays australian press that Alice will be appearing and possibly performing at the 'Golden Stave Awards' in Sydney , this Friday . (after the show presumably). This appears to be an industry function. More info if I get it.

Think that's it for now. More later when I have time to go through all the emails pouring in!! And hopefully tomorrow or soon after... the first setlist and review of the 2005 World Tour!!

Extra: XM radio are re-airing the 'Then...Again...Live! Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits' show tonight at 6pm ET. Check it out at [link=] It will air on the XM Live, Deep Tracks, Top Tracks, and Boneyard channels.

Also: More Australian press. This time [link=,5744,15679562%5E16947,00.html]The Australian has a short interview.
Posted on 20 Jun 2005 by Si
Turkey In August
[link=]GRJ is showing Alice cooper performing in Istanbul, Turkey on August 3rd.

Also: Next Week on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'
Wednesday: Free Bassist Andy Fraser
Thursday: Brian May
Posted on 17 Jun 2005 by Si
Morning Roundup
Quick round up of a few things I didn't have time to add yesterday:

First up, everyone in Melbourne, Australia should head down to the shops and buy yourself a copy of the Herald-Sun for TWO pieces on Alice. One small piece with a pic which promotes his upcoming appearance on the 'Great Outdoors' TV show on the 20th, and another larger piece in the Entertainment section. For those outside Oz I should think [link=,10221,15630652-7484,00.html]this is one of the articles.
(thanks Nick)

There's a small quote from Alice [link=,10221,15629869-10431,00.html]here taken from "the Great Outdoors" show.

Also: Its now confirmed the Alice will be on "The Enough Rope" show, reported last week, in Australia on Monday night 20th June 2005 at 9.30 on ABC TV.
There's a radio interview turned up [link=]here at Metal express. It's from June 2004 but still cool.
(Thanks Patrick)
Posted on 16 Jun 2005 by Si
New West Street Team
From Devon:
I'm happy to announce the formation of the brand new Alice Cooper Street Team Mailing List on Yahoo. This group is designed to work with New West to help communicate promotional ideas for Alice Cooper's upcoming releases and tours. A majority of the list will be New West's Street Team members but all Alice fans are wlecome to join up, no matter where in the world you are. We have had a nice response so far but would like as many people to join and add ideas to help promote the new album. New West has been very open to ideas so far which is what inspired the creation of this group. Lets make our voice heard! Sign up [link=]here
Posted on 14 Jun 2005 by Si
Dirty Diamonds now preorder on Amazon US
Dirty Diamonds has finally appeared on AmazonUS for preorder. Click [link=]here to order through STUK. Thanks! It appears the US version is coming in some sort of digipack but no more details.
Posted on 14 Jun 2005 by Si
Australian TV Alert
Alice Cooper will be on "The Great Outdoors" on June 20th at 7:30pm on Channel 7 in Australia.
(Thanks Shaun)
Posted on 13 Jun 2005 by Si
This week on Nights..
Thursday: George Thorogood plays some live acoustic songs
Friday: First show from Australia!

Also: Check out [link=]Creem Magazine who have posted a page of old letters about Alice.
Posted on 13 Jun 2005 by Si
Phoenix Show Last Night
Alice played a short show at Cooperstown last night. Setlist ran: Be My Lover / Lost In America / Woman Of Mass Destraction / No More Mr. Nice Guy / Brown Sugar / Unfinished Sweet / I'm 18 / Under My Wheels / Is It My Body / Back In The USSR / Poison / I Never Cry / Billion Dollar Babies / School's Out.
Could this give hints to a couple of songs that may return for the tour setlist?
(Thanks Pat)
Posted on 12 Jun 2005 by Si
Dickinson Previews
As pre-warned Alice was on the Bruce Dickenson show just now. Nice interview and two more previews, 'Perfect' and 'Dirty Diamonds' itself (well the beginning of it anyway) plus 'Steal That Car' again.
The show will be archived at [link=]the Radio6 site by tomorrow.
Posted on 11 Jun 2005 by Si
Radio Article
[link=]AZCentral has a nice little article about Alice, the radio show, and the state of US radio in general up on their site including a few Alice quotes.
Posted on 11 Jun 2005 by Si
Alice Weekend in Canada
There is a 'Alice Cooper Weekend' running this weekend on a Southern Ontario radio station at 94.9 The Rockfm. You can telephone them toll free at 1-866-799-ROCK. If you're anywhere but North America try 011-1-866-799-ROCK or the request line at []
(Thanks Sharon)

Also: Don't forget Alice will be on The Bruce Dickinson Show on BBC Radio 6 tomorrow night from 9pm to midnight. Listen live [link=]here
Posted on 10 Jun 2005 by Si
Live in Phoenix This Saturday
Alice and the band will play a short show THIS saturday at Cooperstown in Phoenix right after the Diamondbacks game. It'll be a short show (30 mins plus) but unmissable if you`re in the area. Possible signing session afterwards.

Also: According to various sources The film 'Rock School' has been pulled from theater release after just one weekend. Sources suggest that after a very light box office, Newmarket Films opted to cancel the remaining nationwide openings with no word about whether they'll be rescheduled. "Rock School" is about the Paul Green School of Rock in Philadelphia, where students high school-aged and younger learn to play rock music in a structured setting. Alice Cooper makes a cameo appearance, performing his hit "School's Out" with some of the students as the end credits roll.
A DVD release will still presumably appear in the future.
Posted on 10 Jun 2005 by Si
Phoenix Show
September 17th '05 Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ

UPDATE: Apparently this was listed at [link=] by mistake. Venue and Date likely to be wrong. Sorry.
Posted on 09 Jun 2005 by Si
Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper
"Good to see you again, Alice Cooper", the MOVIE of the Billion Dollar Babies tour in 1973 is tentatively scheduled for September 12th in the UK, presumably also thereabouts for USA. It's the real thing this time, not a mistake on Netflicks as before, although as always the date may change.
More details as I get them.

Also: Small news article about the forthcoming US tour can be found at [link=]
Posted on 08 Jun 2005 by Si
Another Preview
Hot on the trail of Friday nights preview, tonight we heard "Run Down The Devil" from "Dirty Diamonds". This is the track Ryan refered to a few weeks back as being kinda Brutal Planet-ish I think. Heavier then much of what we've heard so far from the album.
Posted on 07 Jun 2005 by Si
See Alice on Oz TV
Alice Cooper will appear on an ABC TV talk show in Australia called "Enough Rope" (surely a perfect title for Alice!) next week or the week after. Fans who live in the Sydney area can get tickets by ringing the show tommorow on 02 9217 2222. Seats are free if you get in fast enough.
The show appears to air at 9.30 on Mondays and has a website [link=]here.
(Thanks Flushthefashion)
Posted on 06 Jun 2005 by Si
Uncut Magazine
As mentioned briefly the other day [link=]Uncut Magazine (UK) has an interview with Alice in the new issue (cover left). In it he talks about the chicken incident again, being Vincent Furnier and carrying a boa constrictor through customs. Worth checking out! It's the July issue you want.
Posted on 06 Jun 2005 by Si
Small items
[link=] have a short quote from Alice about the new album. He says "I wanted the sound of a classic Stones album. When I listen to the Stones or the Yardbirds, there are occasional mistakes going on. Not major mistakes, but you just can't beat the feel of those records. I believe you can cook all the juice right out of a song by recording it too much." They also have a small pic of the cover.

Also: UK newspaper the Daily Express has a short Alice mention today. It goes like this:
"ALICE COOPER has a macabre new act up his spandex sleeve for his world tour this summer. In the past, the climax of the 57-year-old rocker's show has been to impale the plastic babies on cutlasses while chopping off the head of a lifesize model of pop princess Britney Spears with a 30ft-hight guillotine. Now, the perma-kohled singer, whose hits include Schools Out and No More Mister Nice Guy, has a new victim in mind. "This year, I'm thinking of cutting Paris Hilton's head off. That'll be fun," he beams, "or maybe I'll take all of the American Idol contestants, kill them off one by one and mount their heads on sticks." Simon Cowell, you've been warned.'"
There's also a small pic.
(Thanks Tim)
Posted on 06 Jun 2005 by Si
Sunday Times
There is apparently some Alice Cooper content in todays Sunday Times magazine in an article about Marvel Comics. I haven't seen it yet so can't be more specific, but I figured it better to mention it so people still have time to check it out before it's too late.
Posted on 05 Jun 2005 by Si
Magazine Interview
There's an interview with Alice and full page photo in the latest (July) edition of UK magazine 'Uncut'.
(thanks Pete)
Posted on 04 Jun 2005 by Si
Sunset Babies
Alice debuted another track off 'Dirty Diamonds' on last nights "Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show. 'Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)' is a swaggering Stones-like rocker.

Also: a new promo photo has appeared from New West Records this morning. Click the small version to see a larger one.
Posted on 04 Jun 2005 by Si
New Mini-Compilation
Rhino appear to have released five songs as part of a digital download of old material on May 25th in the USA. Called 'Rhino: Hi Five', the five tracks are 'School's Out', No More Mr Nice Guy'. 'Elected', 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'Under My Wheels'.
Thanks to Dave who has sent me the following info on this:
"The music on Hi-Five are five songs that are digital downloads at
various sites that feature that sort of thing including Yahoo. They sell
at around $3.61 for all the songs. Rhino is bundling a lot of different
artists and is releasing them in batches on a monthly basis since March."
So basically the "Take Five" banner is a banner under which these digital downloads are being promoted.
Posted on 02 Jun 2005 by Si
New Australian Interviews
Two new Alice interviews promoting the forthcoming Australian dates can be found at [link=]here and [link=]here at the Sydney Herald.
Posted on 02 Jun 2005 by Si
Rock School Article
There's a few Alice Cooper quotes in [link=]this article about the 'Rock School' album and film.

Also: This months Mojo magazine apparently has a small pic of Alice at the Sony Radio awards last month where he presented an award to DJ Steve Wright.
Posted on 02 Jun 2005 by Si
Holland Venue Change
Thanks to Vincent for spotting that the venue for the Holland show on July 18th appears to have changed. It was at Martini Plaza in Groningen but it now appears to be in Tilburg at the [link=]013. Tickets for the orginal venue are apparently still valid or can be returned up to July 1st.
Posted on 02 Jun 2005 by Si
Eric Singer and Friends
[link=] is reporting that Eric Singer and the rest of the AC band will be performing two exclusive shows in Australia on their days off in Sydney and Melbourne. The show will feature covers including Kiss, Bowie, Sweet, T-Rex, Cheap Trick and others kinda like the old Glamnation shows from a few years ago. The band will feature Eric, Ryan, Chuck, and Damon.

After the show, the band will be hanging around for a signing session to meet and greet the fans and will be making available some exclusive merchandise. Support for both shows will come from Melbourne act STAND
The dates to know are June 25th in Sydney at the Annandale Hotel and June 29th in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel.
Posted on 01 Jun 2005 by Si
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