BDS Interview
[link=]Worldly Remains has a short new interview with Joe Bouchard Of Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith in which he talks about Blue Oyster Cult, BDS and his other musical projects.
Posted on 27 Feb 2005 by Si
Singer/Garric in Europe
E.S.P, the Eric Singer project, will be in Europe for a few shows in April/May and on this tour will feature current Alice Cooper Bassist Chuck Garric in their ranks making two ex-Cooper men. Dates so far are:
April 28th - The Rock - Copenhagen, Denmark
April 29th - Plato - Helmond, The Netherlands
April 30th - Stadthalle - Babenhausen (bei Frankfurt), Germany
May 2nd - Bikini - Barcelona, Spain
(more dates to follow)

The band is completed by John Corabi (Motley Crue) and Ex-Kiss axeman Bruce Kulick and together they will play a selection of Kiss, Crue and Cooper songs.
Posted on 24 Feb 2005 by Si
Ryan Roxie News
Ryan has just mailed out his latest Newsletter and you can read it on the full story link below. Included is a little news on the new Alice Cooper Album!
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Posted on 23 Feb 2005 by Si
Site Maintenaince
Over the next few days you may notice certain changes or broken links on this site. Yes, it's that time again. I`m bored with the design so I`m re-doing it! Please bare with me, the basic work will be over pretty quickly followed by a period of tweaking anything that doesn't work. The message board will be the last thing to change once everything else is done. Visitors are invited to let me know if something isn`t working in case I miss it. Cheers.
Posted on 20 Feb 2005 by Si
New Dover CD
Eric Dover's band Sextus have a new Promo CD out immeniently, featuring four tracks from the forthcoming full album (now due at the end of March). It's available to pre-order by emailing [] for just $6 plus $4 s/h for US orders, $7 for all international orders. Quantities are limited. More info will appear on [link=]
Posted on 20 Feb 2005 by Si
Alice in Gaiman Book
This one I almost missed, but thanks to [link=] here it is. 'Hanging Out with the Dream King: Conversations with Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators'
By Joseph McCabe is a book about comics legend and Alice Cooper collaborator Neil Gaimen and apparently features an interview with Alice (plus presumably some background info) about "The Last Temptation" comic book.
It's out now and available from [link=] I've not seen a copy yet so can't varify how much Alice content there may be.
Posted on 17 Feb 2005 by Si
No More Dirty Diamonds?
According to Alice on his radio show the album is now NOT called 'Dirty Diamonds.' That will bethe album after this one. As of now, the new album is untitled. Also Alice is still in LA recording.
(Thanks Psychopat)
Posted on 16 Feb 2005 by Si
Classic Rock
This months Classic Rock magazine has a small pic of Alice and a tour dates listing plus the first advert I`ve seen for the tour taking up half a page. Unfortunatly it doesn`t give many clues as to what sort of show we'll be getting, although it still features the 'Eyes..' logo.
Posted on 14 Feb 2005 by Si
Dali in Philly
[link=] report that a Dali exibition will be opening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this wednesday and one of the featured exhibits will be the 'First Cylindric Chronohologram Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain', The hologram Dali created featuring Alice.
Well worth a visit if you are in the area.
More info [link=]here
Posted on 11 Feb 2005 by Si
US Tour
No specific show dates I'm afraid however [link=]Celebrity Access has a small item advertising the availability of a touring package featuring Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick between Aug. 19th and Oct. 1st.
Alice Cooper: Packaged with Cheap Trick. The show will feature full sets from both artists and a special mini set with Cheap Trick backing Alice. The fee for the package is a minimum of $100,000 inclusive of production. We are open to playing arenas, sheds, theaters, minor league ballparks, fairs, festivals and private events within this time period.
Sounds like a great bill to me!!
Posted on 11 Feb 2005 by Si
Alice Cancels Appearance
A few weeks ago it was reported that Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl would be appearing as guest this month at a "Power Couples" luncheon organised by Pro Choice group WISH. This has been canceled after they were informed of the groups agenda which doesn't agree with the Coopers views.
You can read a little about it [link=]here
Posted on 09 Feb 2005 by Si
Dutch Magazine
Thanks To Steef for spotting that there`s a page on Alice in Dutch magazine "Hebbez!". Alice is mentioned on the cover (with pic) and has a one page article with a couple of Eyes promo pics. It's the February 2005 issue you want.
Posted on 05 Feb 2005 by Si
Alice's Driving Tips
[link=] AZCentral has a article about how spent part of his birthday on Friday promoting online vehicle registration and urging drivers not to run red lights. He filmed a TV spot to be aired on local TV.
Posted on 05 Feb 2005 by Si
Short Alice Mention
[link=]Pioneer Press has a short piece in which Alice confirms the title of the new album and appears to suggest it will be out in June.
The mention the info is part pf another article at the [link=]Miami Herald but actually simply quote most of it. Also the mention Jon Bon Jovi being there but I think this is in error as it was actually Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres that organised the event.
Posted on 02 Feb 2005 by Si
Tommy Clufetos Exclusive!
[link=] In the latest of our occasional interviews with Alice Cooper musicians, SickthingsUK (Devon and I) have been granted an email chat with current Alice Cooper Drummer and all round cool guy Tommy Clufetos and you can read the results [link=]here. It's a very cool chat in which Tommy comments on working with Alice, working with Ted Nugent, and why he's called 'Tommy The Torso!!'
Hopefully more exclusive chats are on the way!
Posted on 01 Feb 2005 by Si
Dirty Diamonds??
Last night on his radio show Alice announced the the title for the new album would be "Dirty Diamonds". Of course he could change his mind before it's actually released so I'd suggest considering this a 'working title' for the moment.
He also mentioned that the forthcoming tour would take in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, possibly South America, Iceland and even Monte Carlo at some posh casino with a dress code!!
(thanks Psychopat)
Posted on 01 Feb 2005 by Si
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