Alice Comics
Thanks to Des for spotting [link=]this article at Creem Online about Alice`s appearances in comics over the years. Certainly worth a look.
Posted on 30 Nov 2004 by Si
Roxie CD out
Ryan Roxie's excellent album "Peace, Love & Armageddon" now appears to be officially available at [link=] You can pay by paypal (credit cards) and there`s also an offer to get the CD with a T-shirt at the same time. Don't wait, just buy it. Its a great album of pop/rock tunes in a Cheap Trick way and worth every penny. Highly recommended! There's samples on the site as well so you can try before you buy!
Posted on 06 Oct 2004 by Si
XM Greatest Hits
This evenings XM broadcast went off without a hitch. The band played the whole original 'Greatest Hits' album in order: Eighteen / Is It My Body / Desperado / Under My Wheels / Be My Lover / School's Out / Hello Hurray / Elected / No More Mr Nice Guy / Billion Dollar Babies / Teenage Lament '74 / Muscle Of Love.
There were also three short interview segments and Alice made a few amusing comments between songs about how they didn't have the stage show ("By now you`d all be covered in blood..."). Overall a success.
The show is replayed three more times over this week and you can all hear it by taking advantage of teh 3 day free trial over at [link=]XM radio. No credit card needed.
Posted on 22 Nov 2004 by Si
XM Show today
Quick reminder that the XM Radio "THEN..AGAIN...LIVE: Alice Cooper " Greatest Hits re-recorded show is airing tonight (21nd) on US digital radio at 8pm and repeating Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat at various times.
[link=]XM schedule
Posted on 21 Nov 2004 by Si
Message From Roxie
I posted this to the forums a couple of days ago but figure it should be on here as well. A new message from Ryan Roxie. Click the full story link.
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Posted on 20 Nov 2004 by Si
Alice will be on the [link=]Biography channels' 'Beyond the Tracks' tomorrow at 8pm. I expct this to be yet another repeat of the Planet Rock programme they`ve been showing for months but who knows, maybe it is something else. I don't have the channel so won't see it anyway.
Posted on 11 Nov 2004 by Si
Sextus is Coming!
Eric Dover's Sextus project is nearly done. Entitled "Stranger Than Fiction" it's in the final mixing stages with a release set for January 2005. Track listing is set to be as follows: You Might Should Know / Tricki Tina / The Mystery of O / Crazy Crazy Crazy 4 U / Kiss Me To Tremors / Wild To Make You Mine / Glitter Girl / Wishing You Well / The Break Of The Morning / On The Freakside / Too Many Issues / Obcessed [sic].
Anyone who heard the early versions of some of these songs on the old will know that this will be well worth waiting for. More info on the weird world of Sextus can be found at [link=]
Posted on 20 Oct 2004 by Si
Back To School
Ever fancied going to an Alice Cooper School? Well it could be possible in the not to distant future. The [link=]Phoenix Journal has a report that the new owners of Grand Canyon University (that`s the place that gave Alice his doctorate a few months back) are considering opening an "Alice Cooper School For The Performing Arts". Stage Executions 101 anyone?
Posted on 19 Oct 2004 by Si
Alice Talent Search
The Phoenix New Times has the following today (thinks Pat)

Proof is in the pudding

Alice is inviting local artists from all musical backgrounds to participate in the proof is in the pudding talent search.
The winning artist/band will earn the opportunity to join Alice Cooper and many others onstage at christmas pudding on Dec. 18,2004 at the dodge theatre. The first 2 rounds will take place on Nov. 24 and Dec.1 at Cooperstown. Judges will invite a select number of participants for the final battle on Dec. 8. Musicians of all genres wanting more details or to participate can fill out a registration form at Cooperstown from Nov 1-8.
Posted on 05 Nov 2004 by Si
Alice The Auctioneer
Alice will apparently be one of several celebrity auctioneers at this years Guitarmania on Nov. 6th in Cleveland according to [link=]The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Posted on 05 Nov 2004 by Si
Thanks To JerseyGirl who spotted this interview in the [link=]Reno Gazette Journal
Posted on 02 Nov 2004 by Si
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