John Tatum
John Tatum

John Tatum was guitarist and an original member of the Earwigs and The Spider, performing with the band almost from the very beginning at Cortez High. He left in the summer of 1966 to join a band with Bill Spooner (The Tubes), ironically to replace Michael Bruce who in turn joined The Spiders..


"I played with John from about 1971-1973 or 1974. After our band ("Goldmyne") broke up, I joined a band that nearly "made it," doing warmups for Steppenwolf. Around 1977 or 1978, after John divorced Alice, he returned to the Valley of the Sun and visited me. He told me he was going to LA. Later, I heard from an LA musician that John had become one of the best staging directors for bands in CA."
( Larry Schweikart Dayton, OH )

Tatum toured the world with the USO and plays multiple instruments including lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, and keyboards. He is an Ordained Music Minister with a Bachelor degree in Music, from ASU and is currently producing a Christian Radio show in the J†M recording studio. Tatum & Rebecca Tatum currently lead Worship and Praise at many churches, and for Evangelist Dennis Tinerino. They have an album out called 'Christ Jesus Is The King' which can be obtained from CDBaby.